Kilo Masters Club

Extraordinary Forward Thinking People

“The World's only Exclusive Private Members Club for
Accomplished Logistics Entrepreneurs”

The Kilo Masters Club is a privately owned Virtual Members Club for hand- picked and qualified Logistics Entrepreneurs who meet a demanding criteria and who meet an ethnic and geographical quota set up to provide a balanced and informed cross section across five continents. There is no Grand Clubhouse. The venues will be moved globally, and at least once a year a year you will be able to join together with your fellow club members in a relaxed and private environment at an appropriate hand- picked Prestigious Hotel in a resort setting where you will spend two days in the company of your compatriots. One day will have a specific business theme, and the second day will be at leisure. The days spent at these meetings will stay with you long into the future as you recall the initiatives, challenges and achievements shared with you by your peers in this unique industry.

Acclaim and recognition

Identified and chosen by your peers in logistics, or simply recognised for making your mark in a dynamic and essential industry. More than just surviving, you clearly demonstrate significant leadership acumen.

Recent Member Comments

Recent Member Comments